FIR-PRI Finance & Sustainability Awards 2018


When do Theories Become Self-fulfilling? Exploring the Boundary Conditions of Performativity

Emilio Marti – Rotterdam School of Management & Jean-Pascal Gond – Cass Business School & Fellow at Stockholm School of Economics

From left to right: Lucas Kruitwagen – David Kampmann – Shane Tomlinson, Best Pedagogical Innovation – Catherine Chisem, Best Master Thesis – Christophe Revelli, Best Pedagogical Innovation – Thiên-Minh Polodna, French SIF – Jean-Pascal Gond, Best Published Article – Stéphanie Giamporcaro, 2018 Jury Chairwoman – Emilio Marti, Best Published Article – Claude Jouven, Co-founder of the Awards – Mathieu Gomes, Best PhD Thesis, Jea –Philippe Desmartin, Co-founder of the Awards – Alexis Masse, French SIF Chairman – Marie Luchet, PRI Head of France & Francophone Programme

FIR-PRI Finance & Sustainability Awards 2017


A Credit Score System for Socially Responsible Lending

Begoña Gutiérez-Nieto, Carlos Serrano-Cinca & Juan Camon-Cala – Universidad de Zaragoza

From left to right: Christel Dumas, 2017 Jury Chair – Begoña Gutiérrez-Nieto, Best Published Article (Missing : Carlos Serrano-Cinca & Juan Camon-Cala) – Lisa Schophol, Best PhD Thesis ex-aequo – Nora Pankratz, Research Grant – Martin Skancke, PRI Chair – Vanya Rusinova, Best Master Thesis – Camille Meyer, Best PhD Thesis ex-aequo – Jean-Philippe Desmartin, Co-founder of the Award – Missing : Thierry Sibieude,
Best Pedagogical Innovation

FIR-PRI Finance & Sustainability Awards 2016


Active Ownership

Elroy Dimson (British), Oguzhan Karakas (Turkish) & Xi Li (Chinese)

From left to right: Nathan Fabian, Director of Policy & Research, PRI – Claude Jouven, Co-founder of the Award – Afshin Mehrpouya, 2016 Jury Chair – Xi Li & Oguzhan Karakas, Best Published Article (Missing: Elroy Dimson) – Liudmila Strakodonskaya, Research Grant – Gwenaël Roudaut, Best PhD Thesis – Thierry Philipponnat, French SIF Chairman – Elizabeth Harnett, Best Master Thesis – Grégoire Cousté, French SIF Executive Director – Jean-Philippe Desmartin, Co-founder of the Award – Missing: Volker Hoffman, Julian Kölbel & Falko Paetzold, Best Pedagogical Innovation

FIR-PRI Finance & Sustainability Awards 2015


Does Corporate Social Responsibility Lead to Superior Financial Performance? A Regression Discontinuity Approach

Caroline Flammer (Swiss)

FIR-PRI Finance & Sustainability Awards 2014


Loyalty-Shares: Rewarding Long-term Investors

Patrick Bolton (French and American) & Frédéric Samama (French)

FIR-PRI Finance & Sustainability Awards 2013


Portofolio Greenness and the Financial Performance of REITs

Piet Eichholtz (Dutch), Nils Kok (Dutch), Erkan Yonder (Turkish)

FIR-PRI Finance & Sustainability Award 2012


Environmental Policy, Innovation and Performance: New Insights on the Porter Hypothesis

Paul Lanoie (Ca ), Jérémy Laurent-Lucchetti (Fr), Nick Johnstone (USA), Stefan Ambec (Fr)
Published on : Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 20 (3), 803-841. 2011.

FIR-PRI Finance & Sustainability Awards 2011


Does the Stock Market Fully Value Intangibles? Employee Satisfaction and Equity Prices

Alex Edmans (UK)
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, US
Publié dans Journal of Financial Economics 101(3), 621-640, September 2011